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Spring is here and below I share what I think will be some of the most trending cuts and styles for the new season...


Tight Fade – for men looking for a cleaner looking haircut for the new season, the tight fade is a perfect option. This haircut looks best when worn totally shaved or super short on the sides with more length on top but kept relatively short for a lower maintenance look. This look takes inspiration from the military and is super trendy, but it will require regular visits to the salon/barbershop to ensure the cut is kept fresh and looking its best.   

Buzz Cut – the buzz cut has been trending for some time and it’s not going anywhere! For those feeling adventurous and looking to ‘reset’ their hair for spring, this is a great choice. Although it’s a simple cut, it looks incredibly cool, clean and is extremely low maintenance. It also can be paired with bold colour choices including neons for those looking to stand out from the crowd. 

Curtains – curtains are back for 2024 but instead of being worn smooth and sleek we will see curtains being paired with texture and waves for a contemporary take on the trend. Timothee Chalamet is one of the many celebrities that have been sporting this look and pulling it off incredibly! 


Partings – both side and middle partings – for those looking to slightly change up their look without opting for too much of a drastic cut, a parting is a good choice. Both side and middle partings are back for spring/summer 2024 and are a great way to change your current look. The side parting is perfect if you want to add some volume into your look and if you are looking for a style that looks formal and sophisticated. The middle parting looks great on all hair types – straight, textured and curly, and is a great way to enhance your current look. Both side and middle partings have been all over the red carpet and runways and will be a reoccurring trend through spring/summer and into autumn/winter 2024. 

Mullets – many celebrities have been sporting mullet cuts and the trend is booming as we head into the spring/summer months with men looking for a more modern take on the style. For spring 2024, the style will still have its signature length at the back; however, the sides will be worn slightly shorter and the whole look will appear a lot softer with lots of added texture on top.  

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