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2021 is quickly approaching and with that in mind I look at the trends I think will be most popular for men when we leave winter and for coming into spring/summer. Be ahead of the new season and visit your local salon for one of these trending styles.

Short and textured – short, textured cuts have been on the rise throughout 2020 and going into 2021 this will be one of the most popular cuts amongst men. This look looks best when the sides are kept a little shorter than the top and emphasis is made on adding texture to the top of the hair.

Military long – this hairstyle takes its inspiration from the classic military cut but with added length on top. The key to this is keeping the sides and back shaved fairly close to the skin and the hair on top being left longer than usual to provide movement and a disconnected look.

High top fade – like a lot of hairstyles and fashion, trends come back around. This is the same for the high top fade, which was popular in the 80s and 90s and is making a comeback for 2021. This look is all about the clean, precise lines with a gradient on the sides. I particularly love this look on those with curly and textured hair and feel this is a very fresh and stylish look that works well to highlight client’s facial features.

Slicked to the side or the back – slicked back styles have been popular for a few years now and look great whether the hair is slicked back off the face or to the side to create drama. This is a really timeless look and can also be modernised when paired with an undercut or instead of having a high shine, using a matte product to create a more natural finish and provide added texture.

Disconnected – disconnected haircuts are one of the most prominent hair trends for men at the minute and this will continue into 2021. These provide a very contemporary look and can really make a statement. This can be incorporated into many looks, including quiffs, providing a very youthful and on trend look as the hair at the sides contrasts from the hair on top.

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