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On Wednesday 13th September 2023 one of Music’s most iconic nights, the Video Music Awards, took place and below, I shares my lowdown on some of my favourite men’s hair looks from the event and how to recreate the styles...

Chase Stokes – polished curls

Outer Banks star, Chase Stokes, attended the event alongside Country Singer, Kelsea Ballerini, and I loved how he embraced his natural curls. In recent years we have noticed men embracing their waves and curls and enhancing them with texture using texturising sprays and salt sprays. However, I love Chase’s take on this look where his hair looks incredibly healthy, full of shine and more ‘polished’. The key to achieving this look with natural waves/curls is making sure you are using the right hair care products including Shampoos, Conditioners and Masks that keep the hair moisturised, strengthened and full of shine. Also, swapping the texturising products for products that give the hair added gloss, like shine sprays and serums. These are also a lot more lightweight on the hair in comparison to waxes and pomades with shine that will give the hair hold. American Crew Alternator Spray is a great product to give flexibile styling and shine.

Colton Haynes – crew cut

American Actor and Model, Colton Haynes, looked incredibly slick at the VMAs. Colton wore a crew cut with super short sides playing emphasis to the slightly longer hair on top. The look would have been created with clippers to cut the hair to the desired length and ensure an even finish. This cut is slightly longer than a buzz cut and is a timeless cut that I think will be here to stay for some time but one we have seen a lot more of through 2023. This style looks particularly strong on those with angled features but is a great style for all face shapes, as it can be tailored to suit the individual. Another great thing about this look is that no styling is needed, just more regular trips to the hairdresser/barber to keep the cut looking fresh.

Photo credit – coltonlhaynes Instagram

Stephen Sanchez - pompadour

Another one of my favourite looks from last night’s VMAs came from Singer-Songwriter Stephen Sanchez. I loved his full look and how unique and expressive it was. He wore his hair in a slicked back pompadour style that further elevated his look and gave it a statement finish. I enjoyed that Stephen didn’t wear his pompadour with too much volume and instead, just with a little height to give it a more modern update. With this look styling is key, and I always like to firstly prep the hair with some hair mousse and then use a hairdryer to help me to guide the hair backwards before following up by using my hands to work product in to create the shape and hold the look in place. A product like American Crew Pomade is a good choice to give the hair hold and shine.

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