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travel and inspiration

If you know me well, you know that I love travelling. Whether it's for a break or travelling for shows and awards, it's something I never get bored of and I love visiting new places and discovering new cultures.

Two of my favourite places are Italy and Morocco. Two places I love in Italy are Positano and Capri. Italy is such a beautiful place with such lovely settings, the food is amazing and the shopping is fantastic. In Postiano I love the narrow streets, boutiques and cafes.

I love the relaxed, laid back vibe of Italy. It's such a nice place to visit and just switch off, but also to see and get inspiration from all the beautiful buildings and eat amazing Italian food.

Marrakesh is definitely one of my favourite places to visit and I've visited it numerous times. Not only can you relax and eat great food, but there's so much culture to see and I love visiting all the mosques and looking around the markets (called Souks) looking at the different spices and crockery.

When visiting Italy and Morocco I feel so inspired and I love taking this inspiration back home with me for ideas for photo-shoots and shows. The architecture and interiors are exquisite and I love looking at the different shapes and textures that give me ideas for some of the hair looks and trends I showcase in my collections. Particularly in Marrakesh they have Riads, which are traditional Morrocan interior gardens with palace like architecture. Below are some images of these so you can see how beautiful they really are...

I hope you enjoyed this blog entry. Thank you so much for reading! If you have any recommendations on places to visit please do let me know!

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