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summer hair care routine

All year round we should be looking after our hair, providing it with TLC and locking in moisture with good quality moisturising products, but particularly in summer when the sun can zap away moisture from our hair. Below are some of my tips for keeping hair looking its best during the summer season and my must have products to invest in!

Scalp Scrub – healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and using a scalp scrub every week/couple of weeks is essential to ensure your scalp stays in the best condition, free from dryness and flakiness! Using a scalp scrub will also get rid of buildup on your hair and give it a deeper cleanse.

Conditioner – many men miss this step in their haircare routine and if there’s a time to add a conditioner it’s during the summer when we want to retain moisture in our hair. Apply a small amount after your shampoo to ensure your hair is kept nourished. If you’re heading on holiday, it’s also a good idea to invest in a leave in conditioner that you can spray through your hair throughout the day for extra nourishment.

Hair Mask – for added TLC during the summer try to use a hair mask on your hair every week/second week. This will prevent your hair from becoming brittle and damaged and instead, keep it soft, shiny and healthy. Only use the hair mask on your mid-lengths and ends avoiding the roots so as to avoid your hair becoming oily and/or weighed down.

Heat Protection Spray – if you invest in any product for your hair during summer, make it a heat protection spray. This will ensure your hair is protected from the harsh UV rays!

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