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Summer is well and truly here and for us men, there’s nothing worse than having an incredibly itchy beard, which is very common during the warmer months. Below, I outline my top tips for keeping your beard free from itchiness and looking and feeling its best through the summer when the sun can cause damage to our hair…

Drink lots of water! - A healthy beard starts from within! Drinking water will help keep your beard hair hydrated and looking healthy and shiny.

Have regular trims – beard maintenance is key all year round, but particularly in the summer when the heat and humidity have an effect on our hair. By having regular trims this will avoid your beard from becoming dry and unruly and will keep it looking its best at all times. Just like the hair on our head the sun can damage the hair on our beard so it’s important to have regular trims to get rid of split ends that can appear and to avoid further damage to the beard hair.

Use a beard wash - a beard wash is a must during the summer months to keep your beaerd clean from sweat build up and tapped dirt, as well as build up from summer products such as SPFs. You should aim to wash your beard every day to ensure it’s clean, soft and nourished.

Use a beard moisturiser with SPF/facial SPF – Our skin always needs protected from UV rays, not only in summer but in winter too. Using a SPF on your beard will ensure the skin underneath is protected and will also keep your beard hair moisturised too and avoid it from drying out.

Use a beard oil – a beard oil is another essential product to use over the summer months to keep your beard soft and nourished. This will avoid any dryness and flakiness in your beard and will also help stop itchiness that can occur due to sweating. Ensure you always use a comb to distribute the beard oil evenly and to coat all strands whilst also keeping your beard free from tangles. If you’re heading on holiday, always take your beard oil along with you to the poolside or beach, as the chlorine and salt can have a drying effect on your beard hair. Apply a few drops to keep your beard hair conditioned and to avoid damage.

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