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With us now in spring, pastels are one of the biggest trends we are seeing this season. Pastels come back on trend year after year in springtime, however, for 2023 pastels have a more contemporary and stylish update! Below are some of my favourite, current and on trend ways to wear pastels this year...

For men, a great way to wear pastels this spring is by teaming your chosen pastel tone with your natural shade, particularly if you have a haircut that is longer on the top and shorter on the sides. I love to cut my client’s hair right down at the sides, revealing their natural hair colour, and then bleach and tone the top, longer section of hair. This creates a super cool and quirky contrast. I particularly love this look with a steel grey tone on the top or a blue. This is a great way for men to update their look with colour without opting for too much of a bold/statement hue.

Adding an opulent/pearlescent toner is another way to give your pastel hue an up-to-date finish for 2023. By giving the hair an opulent/pearlescent finish instead of the ordinary soft pastel, this will give the hair a more expensive, luxurious and high shine look.

Ashy/silver blondes have been on trend for some time, but as we come into the warmer months, we will see hair colours becoming a lot warmer. Now is the time for men to go blonde and if they’re feeling bold and adventurous – to try yellow! A pastel yellow/blonde hue can look great when teamed with the right cut. I think this looks particularly stylish with a crew cut. It’s such a fun, playful colour and a perfect match for men with bubbly personalities!

With the Barbie movie coming out soon, pink being a huge trend on the catwalks for both woman and men and the ‘barbiecore’ trend surging across social media, it’s inevitable that pastel pink hues will be one of the most popular pastel shades for men this year. Pastel pinks look fantastic on men who are already blonde (if brunette you will need to have your hair pre-lightened first!) and fade out of the hair seamlessly. Pinks are also always a popular choice, as they work well on all skin tones.

For those feeling daring and adventurous, pairing two – three pastel tones together is another modern way to wear your pastel hair for 2023. Team blue, pink and green together for a rainbow inspired hue and to ensure all eyes are on you this summer.

The key to keeping your pastel looking its best and long-lasting? Hair care! Use a good quality, professional shampoo and conditioner that’s for colour and consider using a hair mask once per week to keep your hair in optimum condition and colour sealed in. Heated styling tools can of course lead to colour fade, so if you do need to use heated styling, always protect your hair with a heat protection spray first.

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