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With it now being spring, it’s the perfect time to spring clean your hair and beard and put together a routine that will have your hair and beard looking their very best throughout the warmer months when hair can become dried out and dry from the effects of the weather.

Cleanse - The first step to spring cleaning your hair and beard is to cleanse! I always advise to use a Scalp Scrub on your hair once per week to get rid of any build up on the scalp and to help avoid a dry flaky scalp. This can be used before your shampoo to give your hair a deep and thorough cleanse. Always use a good quality shampoo and conditioner (don’t just reach for your shower gel!) to ensure your hair stays in a great condition, soft and shiny. When it comes to your beard, a beard wash is essential for giving your beard a good cleanse, getting rid of dirt and oil build up and keeping the skin underneath your beard clean too. This should be used 1-2 times per week, and you will instantly see the effects of a softer, conditioned feeling beard in comparison to feeling dry and bristly.

Condition – the sun during the spring/summer months can zap moisture out of our hair, therefore ensuring we are providing our hair with moisture is key to keep it looking its very best. Using a hair mask once per week on your hair can be extremely beneficial in adding back moisture and nourishment into your hair, keeping it free from frizz and split ends and as healthy as possible. For your beard, oil is a great option to add moisture into the hair and keep it feeling soft and supple. It will also help to hydrate the skin underneath, avoiding dry skin and dandruff.

Combing – combing both your hair and your beard is so important to distribute natural oils through your hair, avoiding dry hair, breakage and split ends and also, giving your hair a healthy shine. When applying any products such as serums or oils to your hair or beard, it’s particularly beneficial to use a comb afterwards to ensure all hair is coated in the product.

Regular trims – One of the most important steps in a hair and beard spring clean! Regular trims will keep split ends at bay, avoid breakage and will instantly make your hair feel thicker, fresher and healthier.

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