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You may think that shaving your beard is easy, however, a lot more thought and care should go into this than that of a quick shave. Below are some of my top tips for achieving more of a professional shave at home...

1. The first step is to soften the hair. We do this in the salon with a hot towel, which not only helps provide you with a more relaxing and calming experience, but opens the pores of your skin, leaving the skin and hair softer and allowing more a much easier and nicer shave.

2. Next, it’s really important to apply a shaving cream, gel or oil and massage this into the skin in upwards motions, allowing you to detect the way the hair lies and also prepping for the shave.

3. When it’s time to shave the hair, always ensure you have as sharp a blade as possible to allow for a more precise shave and as you work your way around the hair, stretch sections of the skin allowing for a smooth surface for the blade to go over. It’s also a good idea at this stage to use a comb whilst you’re shaving the hair, allowing you to always see how the hair lies. If you have a relatively long beard, you may also want to trim some of the beard down with scissors prior to using your clippers.

4. Once you’re finished and are happy with the results, it’s important to also work your way onto your moustache are if you have one, and also neaten up the neckline, trimming everything beneath the adams apple ensuring the finished look looks clean and defined.

5. The last step is to provide nourishment, moisturising the beard with oil or an aftershave balm to avoid it from going dry and flaky and to ensure the hair looks as healthy and shiny as possible. Whilst you work this into the hair it will also give you the opportunity to identify any stray hairs and you can pick up the scissors to go over these.

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