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The New Year is a fresh start and it’s the perfect time to ‘reset’ your hair and grooming routine and invest in products that will help to nourish your hair and give it a new lease of life after excessive styling from the festive period and the effects of the winter weather. Below I share my top picks of products to invest in for the New Year and my tips to ensure your hair looks its very best and is kept looking and feeling healthy and nourished. 

  1. Start with a scalp scrub! Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, and you should be using a scalp scrub 1-2 times per week to ensure your scalp is in the best condition possible, free from dryness and irritation. A scalp scrub will refresh your scalp and will help to promote healthy hair growth. It’s a great product for giving your scalp and hair that much needed January detox! 


  1. Consider a clarifying shampoo – great to get rid of buildup on your hair after the festive period and to deeply cleanse. When it comes to washing, try to avoid over-washing your hair and instead, wash 2-3 times a week instead of daily to avoid stripping your hair of natural oils and moisture. For those with coloured hair especially, over washing can lead to colour fading, so try to get your hair in the habit of being washed a few times a week maximum. Be sure to also use a conditioner daily and not just a shampoo to provide your hair with nourishment. 


  1. Don’t forget your facial hair! If you have a beard or moustache, these need to be taken care of too. There are great beard washes and beard oils that can be used to add moisture back into your beard and moustache. Top tip – always comb through the product to ensure even distribution. 


  1. Avoid heated styling where possible – during the festivities we do a lot of heated styling on our hair for Christmas and New Year parties. January is the perfect time to take a break from heated styling tools and instead, embrace natural and effortless styles. Some great products to enhance your natural hair texture are salt sprays, mousses and pomades. Top tip – a little goes a long way! Do not overdo it with the styling products, as this will cause build up in your hair. Apply small amounts and add more where needed/necessary.  


  1. Add more care products to your hair routine – January is a time where you will be stepping away from heated styling and experimenting with styling products such as mousses and texture sprays, but it’s also a time where you should use products to retain moisture in your hair. Hair oils and serums are great for doing this. Apply a small amount to your hair daily/every couple of days focusing on the mid lengths and ends to help seal split ends whilst also giving your hair a healthy, shiny appearance. 


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