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Christmas is just around the corner and in the lead up to the Festivities we can use heated styling and hair products a lot more than usual to get ourselves ready for Christmas parties. This, alongside the harsh, cold, winter weather, can be drying and damaging for our hair. January is a great time to give our hair a much needed hair detox and bring it back to life after the festive season.

Below are my top tips on how you can give your hair a much needed January detox to get your hair in the best condition for the New Year ahead…

1. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. These will help to hydrate not only your hair but also your scalp, which can become dry in the winter weather and will need some extra TLC. However, do not over wash your hair, as this can strip it of its natural oils and can result in it looking dull and dry. Try to stick to only washing your hair a couple of times a week if possible.

2. Get regular haircuts. To ensure your hair looks as healthy as possible, regular haircuts every 4-6 weeks are a must to get rid of split ends and to keep your hair soft and manageable.

3. Avoid heated styling as much as possible. This can be damaging on your hair and can also dry out your scalp. Instead, try to give your hair a break from the heated styling and allow your hair to air dry. You can mist some product such as a sea salt spray through damp hair before leaving this to dry naturally for an on trend, textured look. If you prefer your hair to be straighter and smoother in appearance, distribute some hair oil or serum through damp hair before allowing to air dry, which will give hair a sleeker finish and tame frizz and flyaways.

4. Be gentle! Many of us can have the tendency to be rough on our hair when towelling and combing, which can lead to damage, split ends and frizz. Try to be as gentle as possible with your hair, particularly when it’s wet and more prone to damage. Use a towel to blot your hair dry rather than scrubbing it and use a wide tooth comb to gently brush your hair. If your hair is long, start combing from the bottom up to help with detangling.

5. Add some additional care products into your hair care routine. Products like leave in conditioners are great to use in damp hair before combing to help with detangling and hair masks are also a fantastic winter essential, which can be used in replacement of your conditioner every second wash to give your hair further nourishment. Oils and serums will also provide the hair with extra moisture and are particularly good for those with curly hair types, keeping the curls looking their very best and with a luxurious shine.

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