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men's paris fashion week 2023

Men’s Paris Fashion Week was held on January 17th to January 22nd and below is my low done on some of the most prominent hair looks seen on this year’s catwalk and looks I think will be huge hair trends as we head into the year...

Sleeked hair with prominent middle partings

A key look on the Saint Laurent show and a look that really sets the tone for men’s hair as we quickly head further into 2023. These sleek, well-groomed hairstyles will be incredibly popular this year. Gone are the days of textured, messy and ‘just off the beach’ hair, instead, we will start to use more pomades, waxes and gels to sleek the hair back from the face and create a more polished finish. I love to use a tailcomb to help create that deep middle parting alongside some products to sleek the hair to the sides ensuring there is little to no flyaways. A light mist of hairspray can also be used on your hair for added shine and hold.

Soft and straight with an ‘unstyled’ finish

There were a variety of hair looks shown at this year’s Issey Miyake Show, however, for me, there was one style in particular that kept making a reappearance – soft, straight and with an almost ‘unstyled’ finish, as though no products had been used. For these kind of styles, keeping your hair in great condition is key to allow the style to look its very best. Heated styling irons can also be used to help create the look and achieve a straight, smooth finish on your hair at home. When it comes to products for this look, I would only use a small amount (about a pump) of serum and smooth this over the finished style to give the hair an extra dose of moisture, shine and to keep frizz at bay.

The buzz cut

A key men’s hair look on this year's Givenchy show and a fantastic choice if you want to ‘reset’ your hair for the New Year and give it a new lease of life. In the past couple of years, the buzz cut trend has become more and more popular and for 2023 I think this cut will soar. It’s great if you don't want a cut that’s high maintenance or that you have to style – you simply need to visit your men’s hairdresser/barber to ensure the length is kept maintained. It also gives off serious ‘cool guy’ and edgy vibes.

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