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When opting for a new haircut or style, taking into account your face shape is so important and this is something your hairdresser should discuss with you, as well as taking into consideration your personality and lifestyle.

Certain haircuts look better on specific face shapes, but also haircuts can be tailored and changed up accordingly to work for you and compliment your face shape.

Oval face shapes are lucky, as they tend to suit most hairstyles, however, for those with circular face shapes and rounder chins, you may want to take your hair cut up a little higher, above the chin, creating the illusion of angles and allowing the face to appear slimmer.

Square and heart face shapes with a more predominant chin are quite the opposite and look great with longer hair that comes past your chin, putting emphasis on your jawline and giving the illusion of a stronger chin.

Here's some of my favourite looks at the moment and information on the face shapes they suit best...

Pompadours and quiffs and hairstyles with shorter sides and length on top – so popular with men right now, this hairstyle requires height and can tend to be worn very groomed and slicked back for and precise and ‘neat look’. This hairstyle is particularly great for those with triangle, round, heart and square face shapes, as they can balance out the face and jaw lines and draw attraction upwards towards the hair due to their volume.

Side partings – another trend of the season and a great way to instantly change your hairstyle. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it works to really enhances your facial features. This works particularly well on those with square and diamond face shapes and helps to create softer angles.

The buzz cut – this hair trend has become popular the past couple of years and is great, as its low maintenance. However, it does not suit all face shapes. This hairstyle is best suited to those with oval face shapes but also works for those with square face shapes and allows facial features to really pop.

For those with oval and round face shapes, it’s worthwhile avoiding fringes, as these cover the forehead and in turn, can make the face look rounder. However, it can work for those with oblong faces, drawing away from the length and allowing the face to appear wider.

If you'd like more information on the best cut for you and your face shape or information on how to find out your face shape, send me a message via the contact section on the blog!

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