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Autumn is here and it’s a perfect time for you to opt for a new hairstyle for the new season. Men often want to keep their same haircut but do want to experiment with different hairstyles and ways that they can switch their hair up. Below are some of my top hair hacks for those of you who may be feeling a bit fed up with your current hairstyle and are interested in trying something different…

1. Changing up the side parting – changing your side parting is an easy way to instantly update your look, particularly if you’re changing a middle parting to a side parting. Side partings for men are incredibly on trend right now and are a great way for men to experiment with their look and will instantly give their hairstyle volume and added height.

2. Adding volume – this can be done in various ways with one easy way being by using a volumising product. However, for more noticeable and extreme volume, it’s a good idea to use a hairdryer with a comb to brush the hair upwards away from your hair. Another little side hack is to switch to the cool setting on the hairdryer once you have dried your hair – this will ensure you get rid of any frizz and flyaways and it will keep your hair looking smooth!

3. Changing product – this may seem an obvious choice, but some men can be reluctant towards trying something new that they haven’t tried before. When in the salon, I love to show my clients products and let them feel the texture of the product. A client may be used to using a wax with shine for a more slicked back look but if they’re open to changing up their hairstyle now and then they may be interested in a matt paste or pomade that can give them a messier, more natural finish. For those are experiencing hair thinning, a matt product may also be a suitable product to help disguise this. For those of you who use little to no product and embrace your hairs natural texture, salt sprays and texurising products that enhance the hairs texture and add body to your hairstyle are a great option.

4. Cleaning up the edges – cleaning up the edges (using a razor to get rid of any excess hair around the face and sparse hairs) can instantly transform a look and allow it to look a lot cleaner and more precise. If you are used to more of a natural and messy look, you may want to experiment with cleaning up the edges now and then, particularly if you have any special occasions or events.

5. Pre styling – a lot of men use product to finish their hairstyle, however, many don’t know the benefits of using a product (be it a mousse, salt spray or serum depending on the kind of finish they like) in the hair when it’s damp and how this can impact the finished style. Using a pre styling product alongside your regular finishing products will really help to enhance the finished look.

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