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MEN’S AUTUMN/WINTER TRENDS 2021 - cuts & styles

Autumn is just around the corner, and as the weather starts to get a bit colder now is the perfect time for us to look at the biggest trends for the season. Here are what I expect to be the most popular hair cuts and styles this autumn/winter and how you can style the looks at home...

Slick Back – for the dapper man! Slicked back styles look incredibly sophisticated and professional. This style looks particularly great when worn with a haircut that has length on the top and is shorter at the sides, really helping to show off the haircut and giving structure to your hair. Using a hairdryer to slick the hair back off the face is the easiest way to create this look before finishing with a pomade, gel or wax to help create the shape and hold it in place. You can use a product with shine for a sleek and shiny finish or a matte product for a more natural finish depending on what you prefer.

Long Waves – after all the lockdowns many of us have been experimenting with longer hair looks and embracing our longer hair and natural textures. Long hair is here to stay and looks particularly great when worn messier for a relaxed finish. If you have natural curls or waves, use a curl defining product or salt spray to enhance these and give your style further body and volume. Although long hair may require less regular cuts, it’s important that you do book in for cuts for your long hair to keep it looking its best, free from split ends and frizz.

Caesar Hair Cut – For those who want to ooze style this will be one of the most on trend haircuts this season. With this look it’s all about the scissor work and ensuring the cut is as precise as possible. I also love the versatility of this look, you can wear it super sleek and straight for a more sophisticated finish or for day-to-day and quicker styling, this look also looks fantastic when paired with texture. A texturising spray or matt pomade can be applied through your hair with fingers to break up your hair and give it a softer appearance. You can also incorporate some choppy layers into this style for further texture.

Buzz Cut – this is a great look if you want to show off your facial features and allow them to really pop and for those who want a haircut that’s lower maintenance and requires little to no styling. I love using clippers to create this look and going shorter on the sides to create a gradual fade and to give the look a more on trend finish.

Side Part – the side part has made a comeback over the past couple of years and it remains on trend for autumn/winter 2021. The beauty of this style is that it can instantly update your look and give it a more contemporary finish. It’s also great for those who may want to make their hair appear thicker in appearance, as the style adds volume and height to the hair. I love pairing a side parting with quiff for a statement look with extra volume.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog post where I share the colour trends that are going to be huge this A/W!

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