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When it comes to getting ready for the big day, it’s not just the brides who will take several trips to the salon months before, but the grooms too. On the big day men wear the most suave outfit of their life and they will want their hair, along with any facial hair, to compliment this.

With that in mind, if you’re an upcoming groom, below are some of my top tips in order to keep your hair and beard looking its very best in the lead up to the big day…

You should book in for a few appointments in the months prior to your big day to ensure you can discuss the cut and practice the style you would like to have with your hairdresser and ensure you are happy with it. This will also allow you to be able to see how the cut looks grown out and see if you like the cut worn best fresh or with it slightly grown in. From this, you will be able to have an idea if you would like your hair cut just before the wedding or if you would like to get it cut a few days-a week before to allow the style to settle.

The same goes if you have facial hair – you may want to experiment with different cuts/beard styling in the months before the big day to see what look you like best, and what works in harmony with your hair cut and compliments your facial features.

Some men may want to opt for a more natural, effortless look on their wedding day, which enhances the natural hair texture, whereas others may want a more sleek and polished appearance. Discuss with your hairdresser what you are looking for and have your hairdresser try some styles on you a couple of months before the day whilst showing you the products they are using. This will allow you to get a feel for the products in your hair and see if you prefer a shiny or matte finish. Your hairdresser should spend a good amount of consultation time with you to ensure they know what you want before they start creating some styles for you.

Polished, precise hairstyles are a firm favourite amongst grooms and for this look, I love to apply a pomade into the hair and then use a blow-dryer to slick the hair back off the face or to one side, giving a sleek and smooth but dramatic finish with height. If you do want a lot of height on your big day, you will want to avoid getting too much of your hair cut in the lead up to it and will instead want to opt for trims that will allow your hair to grow whilst still looking healthy.

For those with curlier hair types, who may want to embrace their style on their big day, it’s a great idea to help define your curls and allow them to really look their best. I love to use a curl defining cream or a mousse in the hair, which not only helps define the curls but also gives them body and bounce. Regular trims are a must if you have curly hair to keep the curls looking pristine and free from damage and flyaways.

It’s beneficial to get hair treatments in the lead up to the day in order for your hair to look and feel in the best condition possible. This is particularly important for gents with longer hair who will be more prone to damage and split ends and will want to keep their hair free from frizz.

To keep your hair and facial hair looking its best in the lead up to the big day, you should also ensure you are using the correct products. A scalp treatment is great for ensuring your hair is free from any dead skin cells and a good quality professional shampoo and conditioner are a must to keep your hair looking healthy, nourished, smooth and shiny. You may also want to avoid using heated styling tools where possible to give your hair a break and to try to restore the condition as much as possible for a few months in the lead up to the wedding. Instead, experimenting with texturising sprays, pomades and gels is a great choice, and many of these work to condition your hair at the same time.

For your beard, always wash it with a beard shampoo/wash to keep your hair looking smooth and slick and free from dead skin cells. A beard serum is also beneficial to keep your beard moisturised, soft and to tame any unruly hairs, whilst also nourishing the skin underneath.

For grooms it’s important that they have a fabulous experience in the salon and feel special in the lead up to their wedding. On the day of your appointment for your wedding cut and style and grooming services, see if your salon has any additional treatments on offer that will give you the complete pamper experience, such as a manicure or a facial that will have you leaving the salon looking and feeling your best. Ensure your hairdresser keeps your face free from any unwanted hairs (nose, ears) and be sure to leave the salon 100% happy with your finished look ready for your big day.

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