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Fringes are a great way to update any haircut and give it an instant new and contemporary look and they also work for all hair types and textures. However, it’s important to be aware that not all fringes work with all haircuts and face shapes. Below are some of my tips when it comes to choosing the perfect fringe to suit you and your face shape...

Fringes can shorten the face. With that in mind, if you have a round face shape, a side fringe can be a good option. Ask your men's hairdresser/barber to try to keep this quite long, light and wispy to bring some depth to your face and flatter your face shape. 

For those with stronger face shapes, such as a square face shape, a fringe can be beneficial to help provide the illusion of a shorter face shape and to softness facial features. A side fringe with some length is a particularly good choice for square face shapes. 

Contrastingly, oval face shapes are a lot softer, and those with this face shape won’t want to make their face appear more rounded. Therefore, a stronger/sharper fringe is a great choice.

Styling is incredibly important when it comes to men’s fringes. Because the rest of the hair will almost be ‘in the background’ with the fringe taking centre stage, it’s important that it’s styled to enhance the hair look and allow it to look its best. For those who have textured hair, using a texturising spray or matte pomade is a great way to enhance the texture of your hair and fringe to give it an effortless finish. 

Some of the most on trend men's hairstyles of today include the French Crop and the Tapered Cut. These hairstyles feature shorter sides with more length on top and can be complimented incredibly well with a textured fringe, giving the hairstyle a further stylish and cool finish. The Military Cut is another prominent men’s haircut trend this year and is perfect when teamed with a short fringe. This gives the hairstyle an edgy finish and it’s also super low maintenance. 

For those who lack volume in their hair, adding a fringe can be great to give your hair added volume and height. The fringe can then be styled with products such as pomades, waxes and gels or dry shampoos and volumising sprays to add extra volume without having to use any heated styling. 

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