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curly hair styling techniques

Looking for some styling techniques to keep your curls looking their very best during the autumn/winter season? Look no further! Below are some tips I love to use on curly hair to keep curls looking defined, frizz free and full of shine.

Product Cocktailing product cocktailing is a great technique for styling hair, helping curls to look voluminous and shiny, whilst also giving them added moisture. Essentially, product cocktailing is combining two or more products to create a ‘cocktail’ that will meet your styling needs. I love to combine a hair oil/serum with a mousse or gel that will work together to give curls definition, hold and shine.

Scrunching – another great technique to easily and quickly style your curls and give them volume and bounce. Apply a product such as a gel or mousse and scrunch your curls upwards towards your head using the palm of your hands.

Diffusing – I personally love a diffuser to dry and perfect curls and waves. A diffuser benefits curls in so many ways – from enhancing volume, adding shine, minimising frizz and so much more.

Finger coiling – the finger coiling method is a really great way to ensure your curls look incredibly defined and give them added volume. To do this, after you have cleansed and conditioned your curls, apply a product such as a curl cream or gel through your hair and comb through for even application. In sections, twirl/coil around your finger until your curls have tightly spiralled and then release your curl allowing it to fall into shape. When you are coiling, start from the tip and work your way up to the root and follow the direction that your hair naturally curls for the best results.

Plopping – a good styling choice to help hold curl pattern and to dry your hair without heat. This involves wrapping your hair in a micro-fibre towel or t-shirt and ‘scrunching’ to the top of your head to keep your curls clumped in place, resulting in volumised, defined and frizz-free curls.

These are just a few curly hair styling methods but ones that I personally love and that can deliver great results for your curls. Embracing your natural hair texture has never been so on trend, so now is the perfect time to try these styling techniques and show of your curls in all their glory.

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