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When it comes to choosing the perfect haircut, there’s one thing that’s incredibly important that you need to consider – your face shape. Ensuring the haircut works for your face shape is of prime importance to ensure that the cut compliments your features and is flattering. Many men may come into the salon with an idea of the haircut they want and may have taken inspiration from celebrities, however, although the style may look great on the celebrity, it may not look as flattering on you, it all depends on your face shape.

Of course your men’s hairdresser will be able to discuss with you your face shape and recommend the best type of cuts to suit you. However, it’s a good idea to understand the characteristics of your face shape before your appointment and have an idea of the kind of style that will work for you to ensure you are not disappointed on the day should your hairdresser inform you that the style may not be as complimentary on you.

If you have a round face shape, you will want a haircut that creates the illusion of an elongated face shape and disguises the width of your face. With that in mind, you should try to stay away from fringes that will accentuate your face shape, and instead look at haircuts with height on top to take the eyes up and away from your face, such as quiffs and pompadours.

If you have a square face shape you will want to showcase your strong, chiselled appearance and therefore may be interested in shorter cuts such as buzz cuts, close fades and crops that bring attention into your face.

For diamond and rectangle face shapes that have longer jaw lines, you will want to opt for a haircut that will give the face balance. Haircuts that have more volume and texture on top are a great choice.

If you have a diamond or heart face shape you will have more width at the top of your face, therefore adding a fringe to your haircuts is a good choice, as well as layers, as these will help add softness to your face. Longer hairstyles also work well with these face shapes and will add softness to your forehead. Longer hairstyles are also great for accentuating diamond face shape’s bone structure.

If you have an oval face shape you will find you can get away with a lot of haircuts and styles, however, you will want to avoid looks that will make your face seem rounder in appearance. Hairstyles with volume on top are a fantastic choice, including deep side partings, as well as haircuts that have length on the top and shorter sides like the on trend and classic short back and sides.

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