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Beards are very on trend at the moment, however, to keep them looking and feeling their best, there’s a few things that to be considered.

Always invest in a good quality trimmer – the sharper blades will provide a neater trim and will be gentler on your skin. Then, ensure your skin is cleansed using your favourite facial and beard wash, allowing your beard to be softer and easier to trim. Once you’ve cleansed and your beard is dry, use a beard brush or comb to run through your beard, ensuring the hair is in its position to be trimmed and you can assess the length of your current beard. The next step is to trim your beard and I always advise to have a longer guard on at first to ensure you don't trim too much hair off. You can then change your guard setting once you’re happy to do so, ensuring uniformity and no accidents! It’s also important to shave in the direction that your hair grows and to do so lightly in short strokes to avoid damaging the skin and for a better, more even trim. Be sure to go down a guard or two when blending in your sideburns for a natural yet defined finish. This guard can also be used to define your neckline and ensure it looks clean and tidy. Finish off your beard trim by distributing some beard oil into your beard and coming through to give a healthier appearance and to moisturise the skin and beard.

Always invest in a good quality trimmer – the sharper blades will provide a neater trim and will be gentler on your skin.

When it comes to trimming your beard, going to a professional of course is the best option, as they can tailor your beard and hairstyle to you, your personality and your lifestyle and can also advise you the best products to use for any hair/beard issues you have and to suit your hair type or if you have sensitivities. A barber or men’s hair expert will also be able to see your neck better than you would and provide a more pristine shave/trim. However, if there are times where you may need to trim your beard at home yourself, here are some of my top tips:

· Use a brush not only to help prior to trimming your beard and ensure your hairs are in the same direction, but to get rid of any dust or oil that will be within your beard

· Always ensure your beard is dry before shaving! If you don’t want to wait, use a towel to pat your beard hair dry and absorb water

· Start from the bottom up. Work from your chin upwards and follow the contours of your face for the best trim and to ensure uniformity

· Apply beard moisturiser, serum or oil and blow-dry this into your hair before trimming with a hairdryer to give your hair a moisturising treat and to flatten your beard prior to trimming

It's also important to use the right beard care products. Male grooming is on the rise and with that being said there’s an incredible amount of beard after-care products on the market including shampoos, conditioners, oils, serums, lotions and balms. I would definitely advise investing in a shampoo, conditioner and an oil or serum to ensure your beard gets the best after-care and looks and feels as healthy as possible at all times. If you are prone to coming out in a rash or burn after shaving/trimming, a lotion or balm is great to soothe the skin and any irritation. For those with sensitive skin, post shave lotions, gels and balms are great for soothing sensitive skin and also don’t tend to clog your pores after trimming and shaving, however, there are also a lot of great pre-shave products on the market too, which you can use if you tend to get sensitive skin when trimming/shaving. Pre shave creams are particularly popular and can be applied after washing and before trimming to soften your hair, prep your skin for the razor and also to provide extra nourishment, helping provide a more comfortable trim/shave.

For those who want a longer, more fuller beard, it’s essential that you take care of your skin, as you can't have a full beard without healthy skin. The key to keeping your skin in its best condition is to use moisturising and nourishing products like serums and oils. It’s also important to wash your beard and the skin surrounding your beard, ensuring it gets a good cleanse daily to clean any pores. Regular exfoliating is also beneficial to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation, allowing your beard to grow faster and have a healthy appearance. Trimming your beard is also important when looking to grow a fuller beard. Having regular beard trims every 4 weeks or so will ensure that your hair grows in thicker and healthier. Lastly, your lifestyle plays a role in your beard looking its best. If you exercise, drink plenty of water and eat a good, balanced diet, this will play a huge impact on your beard, allowing it to look in its best condition and to grow faster. Testosterone production provides your beard with a thicker appearance and this can be produced by exercising, having enough sleep (your eight hours!) and improving your diet.

You can’t have a healthy and full beard without healthy skin.

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