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Although we're still in summer, the weather is giving serious Autumn vibes already! And with that in mind, I share below what I predict will be on trend when it comes to hair this upcoming autumn/winter season...

Taper fade – combining two hairstyles in one, the taper and the fade, this is a haircut that’s super on trend, contemporary and stylish, but will also be a classic cut for years to come. The hair starts as a taper at the top and then converts into a fade at the bottom. I love to use matt products like pomades and pastes when styling this look to give it a further trendy finish, focusing on the top where the hair is longer in length and adding movement and volume. 

The textured crop – another personal short hairstyle favourite of mine. This can be worn in many ways, but I love to pair this with a fade at the back and sides, ensuring they are cut shorter than the top and then add lots of texture into the top section of the hair for that super trendy finish. This also looks great when paired with a fringe for serious ‘cool guy’ vibes. This is also a good choice for those who may struggle with their hair thinning as the layers and choppiness within the cut help to provide the illusion of thicker hair. Again, I like to use a matt product like a clay with this look and blow-dry this into the hair using my fingers to separate the hair and work the product through for added texture and movement. 


Buzz cut – the buzz cut is a classic cut and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! For those looking for a low maintenance style, that requires no styling, this look is a perfect choice. When opting for this look, visit your men’s hairdresser/barber regularly for haircuts to ensure the style always looks clean and uniform. 

The Ivy League – the Ivy League haircut features short, tapered sides and back with slightly longer hair on top but also involves the hair being combed to the side and back, providing the hair with a more sophisticated, polished finish. This haircut is a classic style for modern men and comes back in style year after year. It’s great for those who want to look put together for any events they may be attending but it can also be left more messy and edgy for day-to-day for a more relaxed and casual look too. The key to this look is to ensure the side parting stands out, and therefore styling and products are essential. I like to use a fine comb and blow-dry the hair to help create the statement side parting whilst also increasing volume and then apply a pomade or wax to keep the style in place. 

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