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2020 has definitely been a year to remember and I can’t believe we are nearly in August already! As autumn quickly approaches, below I have put together my top 5 men’s hair trend predictions for autumn/winter and what I think will be highly requested in salons as the new season approaches...

1. Long and wavy – During the lock down so many men were either shaving all their hair off or allowing their hair to grow long and embracing it. I think a lot of men were surprised at how much they would like the longer length and how much easier this is to style and now, more men are starting to come into the salon and keep their hair slightly longer and instead of opting for a complete restyle, they have just been trimming their hair or asking for advice on styles to suit the longer length. Waves are a hairstyle that we have seen become more and more common and I think this will definitely continue into autumn/winter 2020. Men love to have hair that’s easy to style and all that’s required for this look is a simple texturizing spray like a salt spray to give the hair more of a wave and some volume and grit. This is such a casual yet cool hairstyle and will be a huge hit with men due to it not being a very low maintenance style.

2. Slicked back – Slicked back hairstyles I have started to notice become more on trend recently and these work well for those with short or long hair, where a hairdryer can be used to slick the hair back off the face before finishing with a gel or serum for hold or shine. I think this look is a very sophisticated look and is great for those who like that professional, business man look. It’s also a great look as it works for most face shapes and it can be made more contemporary by pairing it with an undercut.

3. Buzz cut – As I mentioned previously, a lot of men will have experimented with the buzz cut during the lock down period and shaved off all their hair as it got too long and unruly. I think a lot of men will have been surprised that they could pull of this look and also would have loved how low maintenance this style is with no styling required. If you are interested in trying this look, start by asking your hairdresser/barber for a number 3 or 2 first and then you can see how you feel about the length before having it cut any shorter and perhaps going to a number 1.

4. Side partings – Side partings are a great way to change up your look, particularly if you are used to a middle parting, as changing to a side parting can give your hair added volume. Side partings will continue to become popular as we coming into the autumn/winter season and there are so many ways these can be incorporated into your hairstyle, whether you have short or long hair. A quiff, fade or comb over style also looks particularly great paired with a side parting, adding more drama to your look and giving it an overall more contemporary finish.

5. Short and textured – I think the key to looks coming into autumn/winter 2020 is that they are definitely looking more low maintenance, textured and soft. If you prefer a shorter hairstyle, keep it on trend for the season by adding more texture into your style. This can be done by adding in layers or requesting more of a Caesar style haircut, where the hair is faded on the sides and thickness and texture is left on the top.

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