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Looking to change your hair look up for the New Year? Below are my 2024 men’s haircut trend predictions…


Crew Cut

The crew cut has recently become a very highly requested look in the salon. This cut is slightly longer than a buzz cut and is a timeless cut that I think will be here to stay for some time. This style looks particularly strong on those with angled features but is a great style for all face shapes, as it can be tailored to suit the individual. Another great thing about this look is that no styling is needed, just more regular trips to the hairdresser/barber to keep the cut looking fresh. It’s a great look if you want to show off your best facial features and look incredibly stylish too.

Pompadours and quiffs

These are classic styles that come back on trend time and time again. The pompadour being a style that slicks the hair back off the face and the quiff being a style where height is created towards the front of the face. However, for 2024 we will see both of these hairstyles having a contemporary update, being worn a lot softer, with height/volume in the looks being more subtle and not as dramatic. Instead of looking very ’styled’ and polished, these looks will look more undone and effortless. Matte pomades are great for helping achieve these looks, adding shape and texture to your hair with a more natural finish.

Side partings

With old money being a huge trend for 2024, we will also see side partings continuing to be on trend this year. If you do not want to opt for a dramatic hair change, you can simply experiment by styling your hair into a side parting. This is a great way to give your hair a more sophisticated appearance but also added volume and it looks great when paired with a pompadour to achieve a suave look.

Rock n’ roll inspired hair

90’s hair trends have been a dominant trend over the last year, we will see this continue into 2024 with mullets and rock n’roll inspired hair becoming more on trend for men. Mullet-like styles will be worn a lot shorter and we will also see pixie inspired cuts being on trend too with lots of texture and choppiness through the haircut. Both styles look great when paired with more effortless styling with mousses and salt sprays used to add further definition and edge to the looks.

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