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2023 men's hair trends

2023 is here and we're all wondering what will be the hottest hair trends for the year. Below are my predictions on what styles, cuts and colours will be the most on trend particularly as we quickly head into the spring/summer season...

For 2023 I think we will start to see men’s hair looks becoming a lot more groomed from the messier, textured styles we noticed in previous years. Think slicked back, shiny hair!

Overcombs and undercut styles will be two of the most prominent cuts of 2023, which should be styled with the help of waxes and pomades to give the looks a more ‘polished’ appearance.

Old school and classic wavy hairstyles will also make a comeback this year and look great when paired with a side parting to exude sophistication.

In terms of colour for men in 2023, it's time to experiment by adding blonde into your hair via highlights or onto the top section of your hair if they have a tapered/faded haircut for more of a statement finish.

Ash tones will also remain popular, including ash gray and ash brown. However, for those who are looking for something more vibrant, red and pink hair shades will also be huge in 2023 and are great for adding warmth to your complexion.

Shades of raspberry and deep red will be the favoured red tones and can be worn all over the hair or in slices/panels to give any haircut or style an instant trendy finish.

We will also see men being more creative with these hair colours, adding them into the front section of their hair for a quirky finish. Pairing these tones with a signature style like the quiff will instantly give it a contemporary update for the New Year.

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