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2021 hair colour predictions

My latest post discussed my hair cut trend predictions for 2021. In this piece, I discuss what I think will be the most popular hair colours for men as we go into the new year and for spring/summer. A mix of natural, smoky, bold and bright and subtle pastel hues will be on trend for the new season and can be worn all over your hair or incorporated into small areas to give your hair a fun update.

Ashy, smoky greys and platinum

These colours are great for men who want to give their style a very fashion-led look. For those who like a more stand out shade, platinums and smoky greys are a great choice. However, for those who don’t want anything too dramatic, a subtle ashy grey tone is a great choice and will work well to compliment the clients cut and provide a trendy finish.

Turquoise and blue

These are to be two of 2021’s most on trend colours and incorporated into hair, these are great for those who like a statement hair colour and who want to stand out from the crowd. These can be worn by themselves or combined into a colour melt to provide an edgy finish. These can be as bright or as subtle as the client likes but it’s definitely dare to be bold for spring 2021!

Orange and peach

Orange and peach tones always make a reappearance at spring time, along with pastel tones of lilac and pink. These are great for blondes who want to add a bit of colour to their look and warmth but it’s definitely not a shade for the faint hearted and is a real head turner!


For those who prefer a more natural colour, shades of copper brown, golden highlights and bronde shades will also be popular amongst men. These work well on all skin tones and add a warmth to the skin. Highlights in particular are a great choice for clients who want to add a bit of depth and dimension to their hair look.

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